We'd love to be as green as possible. But to be honest we are operating a small factory that drycleans clothes. Its never going to be environmentally friendly, none of us live in an environmentally friendly lifestyle, we drive cars, use air-con, watch TV, using electricity, etc unless we all want to go back to the Stone Age and have us go down by the river beating clothes on the rocks. So we'll do as much as we can do.

We love the outdoors and the environment. We also love being healthy! We want to work in a safe environment too.

It is our philosophy to do as little damage to the environment as possible whilst maintaining a high standard drycleaning service.

We have recently installed Solar Panels on our roof to drastically reduce our electricity usage.

Our Drycleaning machine is a self contained recycling plant, which distils used solvent every load back to crystal clear solvent for the next load.

Our Boiler steam system returns condensate steam as hot water back to the boiler so it doesn't have to reheat cold water. 

We are installing a water tank in the near future.

We use evaporative air-conditioning as opposed to a refrigerated system.

We use degradable poly garment bags that wont clog the oceans.

We encourage our customer to return hangers to the rack by the door.

Our laundry powder is phosphate free and cleaning solutions are low toxicity, made in Germany which has some of the strictest environmental controls in the world.

Our fluorescent light tubes are being phased out being replaced with LED's

Drycleaning is carried out inside sealed machines and the solution is recycled into clear fluid for each load. Yes its a chemical, used for over 50 years and was specifically designed for the optimum cleaning of delicate fibres, its completely dried from your clothes. By the way everything is a 'chemical'. Here's a funny clip from Penn & Teller

"Life is tough, but its tougher when you're stupid"  John Wayne